The heroes of today: Never forget impact they made on our lives

Flags will be flown today, we hope with special reverence.

We hope this is more than a day off for most people in this region.

We hope it’s more than hot dogs and fun-filled gatherings.

We’re not against any of that.

But the fact is there are few holidays on the calendar that deserve more respect than today, Memorial Day.

The stars of this day are gone from this Earth, but their lives and sacrifices are the stuff of legend and patriotism.

They are the soldiers of our armed forces who have given their lives for the preservation and forging of freedom and liberty around the world in multiple wars over the past three centuries.

Every simple freedom you enjoy, every moment of independence you live, every simple luxury you indulge in, chances are it wouldn’t exist without these sacrifices.

The indelible mark of freedom you feel it intuitively and can spot the places on this Earth where it doesn’t exist we owe to the sons and daughters of America who came before us and made the ultimate sacrifice.

Take a moment today to remember them. It’s the least any of us can do to repay them for protecting the cause.

Never forget what Memorial Day means.