Airport terminal construction delay a worrisome hurdle

The latest hurdle for the new terminal at the Williamsport Regional Airport is Federal Aviation Administration environmental reviews.

The mandated environmental reviews have set back construction of the new terminal building more than 2 1/2 years.

The new $13.6 million terminal is still on the drawing board, but make no mistake, the delay is a setback.

While a new terminal is still set for 2016, time delays are not good for the airport.

Make no mistake, a modern terminal is needed to keep the airport competitive. As it stands now, the airport already is at a competitive disadvantage with only one carrier when other nearby airports are offering more options.

Modern airport facilities and more flight options are needed in an age when the gas industry has daily air travel needs. Those things are needed for other business and individual needs at a time when travel more and more is meant to be quick and expedient.

A modern terminal is part of that picture.

When the delay was announced recently, the promise was this would be the end of the obstacles for the terminal.

We certainly hope so.

So much of our region is blossoming. We need the airport to be part of the renaissance to complete the fresh picture of our people.