Heroes breakfast honors Superman work in real life

Hero is an often overused term in today’s world of hyperbole.

But it applied in spades at the annual Heroes Breakfast of the American Red Cross that was held recently.

The heroes honored were nominated by the public and selected by a volunteer review panel. They are residents of Lycoming, Clinton and Tioga counties.

The 14 heroes for this year told their stories as they were introduced. It was Superman stuff.

Only this is not a comic book, a television show or a movie. This is real life:

A 911 operator talking a father through CPR to save his newborn son.

Nurses performing CPR on a fellow employee suffering a heart attack.

A young man breaking a window to pull a neighbor from a burning apartment building.

And so on.

Their stories are proof that, in a “me” age, there are still people willing to put others first in the toughest of circumstances.

And they exist throughout our region, often doing great things in anonymity.

The heroes breakfast is a great idea that gives the region an opportunity every year to bring heroism out of the shadows and create a sense of faith and goodness in all of us.

Yes, there are heroes among us. And we are thankful for that.