Ken Sawyer: His voice will not be replaced in our community

We would be hard pressed to find a radio figure who has had a greater impact on the Williamsport area than Ken Sawyer.

Sawyer retired on Friday, ending a broad-ranging career after more than four decades at the microphone.

Sawyer was a master at multi-tasking with his craft. One moment he was giving us the weather so we knew what to wear. The next moment he was patiently quiet while listening to a complaint about the conditions of streets in the city’s West End from a caller. Then he was reading the news and interviewing a community figure and previewing an upcoming community event.

And later that night, he would be broadcasting a basketball game 150 miles away.

You found yourself asking, “How does he do all this?”

The answer is not just dedication. The answer includes excellence. Not only did Sawyer multi-task, he did it with integrity and excellence.

And in a “me” age, we are especially appreciative of the fact that when he delivered the news, if he was using something from the pages of this newspaper, he never failed to mention we were the source of that news.

And beyond that, Sawyer found time to be a healthy presence in the community, serving and at times leading a host of community organizations.

Professional. Compassionate. Efficient. And comfortable to listen to.

That was Ken Sawyer. His voice will not be replaced in our community.