Little League Museum gears up to expand its marketability

Little League Baseball opened a drastically changed museum this month in South Williamsport.

The museum pays homage to Little League’s rich history but visually is stamped by the high-tech world in which we live. It takes the attraction to another level, in our view.

There are interactive opportunities and lots of videos that feature every facet of Little League, from rules interpretations to media coverage of the Little League World Series to thumbnail sketches of some of the most famous people to play Little League.

The museum is augmented by changes in the exterior that include a brick-paved facsimile of a baseball infield that overlooks Howard J. Lamade Stadium and is accented by flags representing the worldwide representation of Little League.

It’s a majestic site that captures the unique setting of the stadium as well as the area’s natural beauty. With all its participant gadgets and visual features, the goal of the new museum is to attract families to visit and expand the marketability as much as possible beyond the primetime of the Little League World Series.

If Little League succeeds in that, there is a potentially a big boost forthcoming for the tourism industry in the area. We can all root for that.