Sen. Casey bullish on gas industry’s energy implications

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey says energy independence is within reach for the United States.

Casey said such a statement could not have been made five years ago.

The difference?

The natural gas, particularly in northeastern states such as Pennsylvania.

Think about the implications of that statement, made during Casey’s interview with the Sun-Gazette a week ago.

Without dependence on foreign oil, the United States would have a much stronger diplomatic posture with most of the nations that have been the source of the country’s angst and sacrifice in recent decades.

The economic implications of energy independence for all Americans are almost hard to imagine as we drown in overpriced gasoline and heating oil.

Most heartening were Casey’s comments regarding natural gas. He believes we have reached the point where there can be balance between job creation, economic development and good environmental practices regarding natural gas.

In other words, we can have it all regarding the industry.

Sen. Casey elaborated that the big companies investing in natural gas industries are not to be feared, because they understand what is expected of them environmentally and understand the value of being compliant with regulations. That’s a view we have maintained from the start.

And it is a view that is a far cry from the foot-dragging on the gas industry in neighboring New York State.

We appreciate Sen. Casey’s balanced view of the gas industry and broad perspective on what it means to the nation’s energy portfolio.