Fruits of record United Way funding effort come into view

The impact of the Lycoming County United Way’s record-setting fund drive came into full view last week.

That’s when allocations of $1,041,886 to United Way programs were announced.

That’s more than a million dollars to meet the human services needs of a host of program partners.

That amount would not be available without a record-setting United Way fundraising campaign.

As a result of the generous giving by thousands of county residents and workers, needs that span infancy to elderly years, economically disadvantaged, mentally and physically handicapped and those with acute domestic and emergency needs are being being met.

Are all the needs being met? Of course not. The need will always exceed the resources.

But a record-setting campaign closed the gap between need and resources significantly. And fair-minded decision making by the volunteers involved in the funding review process helped assure the maximum value is being made the dollars raised.

Good people can disagree on the details of the fundraising allocations. But it’s hard to argue against the reality of a fair, citizen-oriented process and a sincere effort to raise the most money possible to fund United Way’s program partners.

The allocations announcement list is the culmination of a job well done by volunteers and United Way staff through an exhaustive process of fundraising, program needs assessment and review and allocation of funds.

We are fortunate in our county to have generous givers and a fair-minded process of United Way distribution.