New computer system latest weapon fighting violence, drug activity

The Williamsport police force has always kept records, as you might expect, to track crime in the city.

But now it will have “real time” data to work with.

The city spent $360,000 on a new computer system that is now in effect.

With real time capabilities, the system gives the city police the capability of identifying drug houses, dealers’ aliases and helps them track activities by dealers.

It’s the latest tool in the battle to curb drug and violent activity in the city and outlying areas.

The use of surveillance cameras in the city and other areas is at an all-time high.

There are more patrols by more policemen representing more police departments than ever before.

We understand the cynics who believe you can’t throw money at a problem and solve it. We agree with that notion in many cases.

But fighting illegal drug activity and criminal violence takes armor that matches that of the criminals performing these acts. That armor doesn’t come free or cheaply.

At some point, we hope the advancements and the game planning against violence and drug activity in our area pays off on a large scale.

As it stands right now, lives, especially the lives of our youth, are being threatened by these activities.

That needs to stop and any weaponry that helps make that happen is welcome.