Those who gave all to their country deserve better

Beside and just below the American flag in many places can be seen the black and white POW/MIA banner. It is a sign that many local residents view it as a duty to find out what happened to the thousands of Americans still listed as missing in action or as prisoners of war from our nation’s conflicts.

They deserve our best efforts as a nation.

They certainly deserve more than a Pentagon MIA program described by the military itself as so dysfunctional – and perhaps corrupt – that it is close to “total failure.”

The Associated Press recently investigated the military’s Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command and found it to be “woefully inept and even corrupt.”

Weaknesses in the program were detailed in a Pentagon report the military attempted to suppress, according to the AP. The POW/MIA program’s former commander, Army Major Gen. Stephen Tom, banned the report’s use “for any purpose,” insisting it went beyond its intended scope.

In other words, military investigators did a more thorough job than the program’s commander desired.

Members of Congress should be furious – reflecting the outrage their constituents will feel over the report.

Those who gave their all for our country deserve – and should get – better than an “inept and even corrupt” program to find them.