Transportation plan needs resurrection in state’s fall session

The state House was very close to adopting a comprehensive funding and strategy plan for upgrading Pennsylvania’s deteriorating roads and bridges as the budget was being passed.

While the transportation plan was a late budget casualty, state Rep. Garth Everett believes it can be successfully resurrected in the fall session of the state House.

Road and bridge problems exist everywhere in Pennsylvania, so it’s one of the few issues where the urban/rural separation among legislative factions does not exist.

And the transportation budget is operated outside of the state’s General Fund.

Everett, speaking to the Williamsport Rotary Club this past week, is less hopeful about equally needed pension reform and liquor privatization due to the heavy union influences that block those initiatives.

We certainly hope he is correct that a practical plan for upgrading the highway system can be passed.

Pennsylvania’s roads and bridges are largely an embarrassment, especially for a state that relies so heavily on transportation for its economy. Upgrades and modernized highways that will make Pennsylvania a more important economic development player will take time to complete even with the plan, so a plan needs to be approved now.