Heroic giving must continue to make United Way plan work

The Lycoming County United Way has set an ambitious fundraising goal for the campaign that begins in September of $1.725 million.

The organization can’t afford to do otherwise.

A reading of the headlines every day brings into clear focus that the needs answered by these fundraising dollars domestic violence and abuse, care for the elderly, handicapped and disadvantaged youth, rehabilitation services and emergency needs, to name a few are acute and mounting.

The local United Way is coming off a record-setting campaign collection of $1.6 million which served to close the gap between revenue and the amount requested by the organization’s program partners.

But the amount still didn’t meet the full needs requested. And the agencies under the United Way umbrella have legitimate needs and shoestring budgets to meet those needs.

So they need every dollar the United Way can muster for them.

The quality of our community can best be measured by how we meet the most acute needs. Those who give to United Way have done heroic work with their hearts.

The needs continue and so must the heroic giving. Make plans now to give whatever you can to the campaign that starts in September.