Obama administration suddenly mum on abuses of women

A centerpiece of President Obama’s campaign to re-election was the “Republican war on women.”

The president and his advisers were quick to pounce on every unfortunate or offensive remark made by any Republican candidate regarding women. Whether it was accurate or not, Republicans were painted as demeaning women.

And the strategy fed by some ill-advised comments by GOP candidates that were, in fact, offensive worked. A heavy edge in the women’s vote earned President Obama a second term.

So now, less than eight months into a second term, it’s curious to watch the stonewalling from the White House regarding clearly despicable behavior toward women by two Democrats, New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

Weiner, it turns out, wasn’t able to stop sexting with women even after being caught doing it and losing a Congressional seat over it. Filner is facing numerous sexual harassment allegations for claims by several women of fondling and other uncomfortable actions.

“I don’t have any comment on that any more than I’ve had comment on other similar issues,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said last week.

That comment would be comical if it weren’t so hypocritical. Carney, the president’s advisers and the president himself had no problem declaring a Republican war on women and milking that theme for their re-election campaign.

Women’s groups, who traditionally paint Republicans as being less in touch with women’s issues than Democrats, accurate or not, should be calling out the president and his team for being alarmingly mum on the Weiner and Filner issues.

By being so quiet about these issues, Obama and his people are showing themselves to be more political than principled when it comes to women’s issues.

Abuses of women shouldn’t be tolerated, period. It really doesn’t matter whether a Republican or Democrat is doing the demeaning or exhibiting the abhorrent behavior. Demeaning women is not supposed to be a political issue divided along party lines or conservative and liberal stripes.