Obamacare: Before it’s too late, it must be repealed

Maybe it’s a good thing that Congress took its summer recess.

Hopefully, they are talking with constituents about the health care law that will start to take full effect shortly after they return.

Unless every survey regarding Obamacare is woefully inaccurate, the majority of Americans don’t like the national health care reform that is about to be foisted on them.

Individuals have heard about 20- and 30-percent rate increases coming with the law.

Businesses can’t afford the rate increases, so they are either cutting employees to 30-hour weeks or less or keeping employment levels below 50 to avoid some of the more expensive parts of the law. Some portions of the employer mandate part of the law have been delayed a year, but only a year.

And the medical profession fears that its ability to care for people will be lessened by the sheer numbers and detail of medical attention the law mandates.

The law depends on young people, the healthiest among us, enrolling in health care plans, but all indications are that they aren’t biting.

So the math doesn’t work. Not enough people are coming in to infuse money into the system. And too much care is being mandated for the medical profession to care for adequately.

So the same people and businesses already paying too much for health care will be forced to pay more.

Even the big unions that pushed for the plan are rejecting it.

Constituents need to relay their concerns to lawmakers in the hopes that Obamacare will be repealed. Some people believe the better strategy would be to let Obamacare take effect and fail on its merits. Experience says that big government programs, once installed, are never taken back.

The better course is to repeal the law and start all over with reforms that fit the specific weaknesses of the nation’s health care system. A simple tweak, allowing health care insurance to be sold across state lines, would create greater competition and inhibit huge rate increases.

We need health care improvements. We don’t a gargantuan Obamacare plan that will strangle the economy as it is unaffordable to the vast majority of American workers and businesses.