School: Some things change, most vital part remains same

School bells are ringing again this week in the region.

In the Williamsport Area School District, there is a dramatically changed building that used to be the Roosevelt Middle School and is now the Williamsport Area Middle School.

There is a new superintendent.

There are now four classifications of education. Gone are the elementary, middle and high school labels, replaced by primary for kindergarten through third grade, intermediate for grades four through six, middle for grades seven and eight and high school for grades nine through 12.

There are changes in other school districts, too, and a myriad of educators and administrators in new positions with new leadership responsibilities.

But don’t be fooled.

Nothing really ever changes when it comes to the education of a child.

The quality of that education was, is and always will be determined mainly by the quality of the relationship between a teacher and his or her students.

Buildings can be modernized, replaced and changed.

Grades can get new names attached to them.

Students can be bused around the block to the school they have always attended or transported several miles away to a new designation to assure level class sizes.

None of that matters nearly as much as the desire of students to learn and the desire of his or her instructors to teach.

As this new school year dawns, our wish is that everyone from administrators and teachers to students and parents remember that truism and give it the priority it deserves.