Latest Benghazi hearings expose even more shame

Four Americans, including an ambassador, were killed in an attack on the American embassy in Libya more than a year ago.

The families of the victims were told those who did the killing would be rooted out and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law by President Obama, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and all the chief players in the Obama administration.

A year later, this is what we know: The claim that this attack was prompted by a You Tube video was an outright lie foisted on the American people during a presidential election campaign. The administration was warned several times about dangers at the embassy, requests for help were not answered and those wanting to do something about it on the fateful night were told to stand down.

And there has been no justice. There hasn’t even been much of a penalty for any of the poor decision making. A few people have lost positions or been placed on leave, but no one has lost their jobs or even paid over the failures.

Hearings have been held in attempts to find out who ignored requests for help, who gave orders to stand down, who decided to use the You Tube fiction as the reason behind the attack.

At the latest hearing last week, the families of victims came before a House committee to testify.

But when it was time for their testimony they found that all of the Democrats on the committee were not there, having left their seats during a recess and not returning.

No matter where you stand on the attack in Benghazi, we hope we can agree on this: When the families of American soldiers and diplomats come to testify regarding the loss of loved ones, the job of their elected leaders is to at least courteously listen to them and express some form of compassion for their loss.

Shame on all of them.

And shame on all those who continue to make excuses and put roadblocks in front of the attempts to get at the truth about this tragedy.

This is not about protecting political hides or the standing of present and possibly future leaders of our country.

This is about the number-one responsibility of all of the supposed leaders protecting the American people and getting at the truth when that protection is breached.

We support those who have tried to do those things in the face of an uncooperative administration and spineless mainstream media that, with only a few notable exceptions, refuses to do its job on this issue.