The realities – and blessings – of security in the 21st Century

Metal detectors.

Baggage checks and tags.

Those are not just the staples of airport security.

They were a fact of life at the recent Little League World Series here recently.

So many of us are old enough to remember when you just walked into an event like that with a folding chair and leisure gear and no one checked it.

But any objective observer knows those days are gone.

Sadly, if we want to assure safety at public events and in public venues, a certain amount of security is necessary. It’s not there as a nuisance. It’s there as our protection.

It took between 150 and 175 people to handle security at the Little League World Series. They were working in tandem with local and state police and we know that even the FBI was involved in assuring safety at some Little League events.

We take that safety for granted until a tragedy hits.

We need to be grateful for all the expertise, effort and hard work put in by both the professional security providers and those who volunteered to work with them.

Security, unfortunately, is not a given anymore.