Corbett not giving up his fight for three top priorities

If you are waiting for Gov. Tom Corbett to wave the white flag on his three priorities in the final year of his term, give it up.

That was the message of state Secretary of Revenue Dan Meuser, who was in Williamsport recently and assured those attending a Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce luncheon that Gov. Corbett has not given up the fight on three fronts.

Those fronts are a comprehensive transportation plan, pension reform and liquor store privatization.

The transportation plan appears to have legs, as major players, both Democrat and Republican, appear to have the stomach to improve the state’s highways and bridges. The state Senate plan would invest $2.5 billion, Corbett’s plan $1.8, but Meuser said the governor is willing to compromise.

The governor would finance the costs with a variety of fee adjustments, the most obvious that would affect everyday people being a driver’s licence fee hike from $29.50 every four years to $40 every six years. That’s hardly onerous, compared with what’s about to happen to your health care premium.

The pension reform movement must overcome resistance to a move to a defined contribution plan involving the state and its new employees. Much of the Legislature resists this, though anyone living in the private sector would quickly remind them that they should just be grateful to have a defined contribution plan involving the employer.

The liquor privatization move is such a no-brainer to us.

Go to any other state and, if you purchase liquor, you will see greater selection, lower prices and a thriving free enterprise system that does not limit job opportunities.

Why this is OK in 48 states and not OK in Pennsylvania is silly.

We are encouraged the governor is not giving up the push on these initiatives.