Facts show gas boom alive and well in state

The gas industry naysayers have been spreading a lot of misinformation lately that the gas drilling industry is on the decline in Pennsylvania.

The fact is that the average gas well in the state is producing about three times the amount of a well in the Barnett Shale play in Texas, according to Terry Engelder, a Penn State University geoscientist.

He said there’s no reason to believe the industry won’t be in Pennsylvania a long time.

The cumulative production for gas wells in Pennsylvania in June totaled 4.8 trillion cubic feet and most of the wells have already paid for themselves, according to Engelder.

We would add that the industry is not a business full of rookies.

They didn’t drill the wells to simply pay for themselves.

The naysayers can pour all the cold water on this important economic development that they want. It won’t change reality.