Latest numbers more validation for state store privatization

The latest numbers tell you all you need to know about whether liquor privatization for Pennsylvania is viewed as something that should be done.

The survey by the Heart and Mind Strategies, involving more than 1,000 people surveyed in early September, showed that logic is triumphing over the anti-privatization campaign.

The survey shows 66 percent of likely voters want to privatize Pennsylvania’s government-run wine and spirits system.

The support was broad-based 70 percent of Republicans and Independents, nearly 60 percent of liberals and 55 percent of union households are for abolishing the state-run liquor monopoly.

Reasons cited for support of privatization are the same ones we’ve point out here dozens of times lower prices, more jobs for Pennsylvanians, an end to border bleed on liquor sales, the elimination of the conflict of interest in being both a purveyor and regulator of alcohol.

At this point, we feel obligated to point out that we do not want to see the people working in state stores lose their jobs. They are probably the most qualified people to work in privately managed liquor stores.

That said, we wonder what the state’s lawmakers are afraid of regarding privatization. Or is this one of those deals where certain elected officials can’t bear to break the hug they have with big government, even when the romance is more fantasy than reality.

Gov. Corbett proposes to use funds from sale of liquor stores to private interests for public education?

And the people want it and the windfall is planned for a cause public education that most people agree is a vital state funding responsibility.

What’s the holdup about now?