Epiphany for some Democratic senators on Obamacare dubious

Now that the Affordable Care Act rollout has turned out to be an unmitigated disaster, several Democratic Senators have been joining Republican colleagues in calling for a delay of implementation of the national health care takeover.

That’s fine, but forgive our skepticism.

There’s this thing called an election next year. We appreciate the epiphany, but where were these senators a month ago when Republicans were being demonized for calling for at least a delay in Obamacare.

And frankly, where are the apologies to those Republicans who had it right all along and had to listen to comparisons to “hostage takers.” Those who wanted to cut off funding for Obamacare, claiming the program would be a disaster that would fracture the economy, were butchered by everyone from national media cheerleaders for President Obama to some in the Republican party establishment.

Time has proven they were correct. With each passing day, it is more and more obvious that this health care takeover was deceptively sold and is not anywhere near what was promised.

Millions are losing their doctors and/or their health care policies, the replacements are cheaper or better, the website is a mess, the health care “exchangers” include convicted felons.

Meanwhile, a president who more than two dozen times publicly made knowingly false claims about this health care plan tried to revise what he said and/or meant this week.

How can any of this be acceptable to any American? And just how dumb do these people think Americans are?

This is not a political issue. This is an issue that impacts a sixth of the nation’s economy over a government takeover of health insurance that is not necessary. Changes in health care, not a government takeover, have always been the proper prescription for the problem.

We are grateful that many of the elected leaders in Congress cared less about political victory a month ago and more about stopping a disaster before it happened.

We appreciate the progress that has occurred among some senators and congressmen since then, but warranted defiance of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s power play a month ago could have saved everyone from this mess.