One senator’s stab at accountability

Liberal lawmakers are upset U.S. Sen. David Vitter is blocking action on an important bill intended to help keep track of prescription medicines. But Vitter, R-La., has a good point.

And most Americans would agree Vitter isn’t asking for much. He’s eager to let the medicine-tracking bill go forward, just as soon as the Senate votes on a bill he proposed.

But in Washington, where accountability isn’t at the top of most priority lists, Vitter is asking for a lot. He wants senators to go on record concerning a stealth move by President Barack Obama.

Earlier this year, Obama issued an order allowing members of Congress to choose whether their aides keep federally subsidized health insurance or buy coverage through the “exchange” that Obamacare requires most Americans to use.

Either way, the president decreed, the government will pay three-fourths of the cost.

Vitter’s proposal would merely require lawmakers to disclose which program their aides use.

But so opposed are liberal lawmakers to the accountability Vitter wants that they won’t bring his bill up for a vote – instead criticizing him for blocking the drug-tracking measure.

In the end, they will probably win.

But at least Vitter has spotlighted another liberal scheme to give Washington elites something denied to most Americans.