Thanks doesn’t come naturally, but it is never out of style

Each year we get to this day of Thanksgiving from a different route. Such is the rhythm of each year, ruled by each day’s happenings and consequences.

There are overriding concerns of health and employment and family situations that rule each of our lives differently.

Above all of this, thanks should be a constant.

That may be difficult to imagine as each of us deals with daily adversity that runs the gamut from the job to the household budget to the challenges that every family endures.

Amid all that, today is a day to remember how important being thankful is. Being thankful gives all of us perspective.

As difficult as this may be to imagine during times of strenuous adversity, there is most likely a friend or neighbor whose lives present as many difficulties as our own.

Our worlds have become very insular, ruled more by cell phone texts than friendly knocks on a neighbor’s door. So it’s harder to look outside ourselves.

But the pilgrims and indians did just that centuries ago when this most American of holidays was born.

Today, we would do well to revisit the spirit they brought to the first Thanksgiving and transport it to 2013.

Being thankful is never out of style. Today we need to be thankful for our lives and what we have.

Rather than dwelling on what’s missing in our lives, we would all be well served to notice today how much more we have.