Agency, business take natural gas to another level

There’s one place you can go in Williamsport where gasoline costs less than $2 a gallon.

Call it the visionary reward.

River Valley Transit is now operating a compressed natural gas fueling station that is open to the public, municipalities and corporations.

That makes the friendly pump price available to vehicles powered by compressed natural gas.

River Valley Transit also operates one CNG-powered bus in its fleet and is planning more.

That’s not all the latest news on the natural gas local impact.

A local company, CNG Solutions, will begin converting standard gasoline or diesel engines to compressed natural gas/gasoline bi-fuel and compressed natural gas/diesel bi-fuel.

“There was no one else doing this” was the way local businessman Keevin Larson explained the birth of the business.

When opportunity knocks, smart business people are there to answer.

Similarly, an efficient public agency takes advantage of its position and extends benefits of local industry beyond their own bureaucracy to taxpayers.

These are two more examples of how the region benefits from the local natural gas drilling boom.

And two examples of business and a public agency knowing how to convert opportunity into practical results.