Army Reserve Center will serve practical purposes in future

It may not seem it when you observe how Washington does business, but it is possible for government to work like it’s supposed to.

An exhibit of that is the empty Lycoming Memorial Army Reserve Center on Four Mile Drive.

The building has a viable, practical future due to the efforts of the federal government, the Loyalsock Township School District and the Loyalsock Township Board of Supervisors.

After months of weeding through the federal bureaucracy, the township and school district recently got approval to share the building rather than letting it rot.

The building will be a hub of activity by spring, with the township converting part of the building into a recreation center for both adults and children. The building’s rear will be ideal as an indoor recreation area following renovations. A small building adjacent to the building will be used to store parks equipment.

The school district will use its portion of the building for administration offices. The fate of the present administration facility at 1720 Sycamore Road is unknown. The district also will relocate transportation services, including school buses, to the building site.

Practical uses that serve multiple needs. That’s what public bodies working together can produce, to the best advantage for the most people.

Good work.