News canvas of 2013 gives many reasons for real frustrations

We want to be hopeful and positive this time of year.

Reviewing the major news in our nation this year makes that difficult.

We’ve got an Affordable Care Act that is anything but that for most Americans and represents an overreach by government into our health care system, a sixth of our economy. The website wasn’t even seaworthy for the unveiling after expenditures of millions of dollars.

Pointed legislation that solves health care problems was the solution. Does anyone down there in Washington hear us above the din of political excuse-making?

Our foreign policy decisions make us feel more vulnerable as a nation than ever. It seems that all of the countries with a hate-America agenda – North Korea, Iran, Syria to name a few – have been empowered by a seemingly feckless style of diplomacy this year.

We wonder what really happened in Benghazi and don’t appreciate freezing out of the full facts.

We also don’t appreciate the IRS playing favorites with special interest groups.

We don’t appreciate the press freedoms of The Associated Press being tampered.

Does anyone down there in Washington understand we are not dumb?

Do they understand what these actions and coverup attempts look like?

We are tired about political posturing that attempts to create economic class divisions, a lack of responsible budgetary consciousness and a general feeling that half of Washington has a misguided agenda and the other half doesn’t seem to hear the obvious answers coming from regular people in poll after poll.

Since we are supposed to be hopeful, our hope is that we won’t feel as frustrated about these problems by this time next year. Our hope is that the coming year will be a year of answers through old-fashioned problem solving.