Raid is the sort of action needed to fight city problem

Williamsport codes, police and fire officials closed the property at 405 High St. recently after it had several building violations and police discovered drugs and drug paraphernalia in the open.

City neighborhood crime watch leaders were pleased with what they saw in the raid.

And they should be.

This is how it’s supposed to work with drug nesting grounds disguised as vacant properties in the city. These are the business shops of drug dealers, plain and simple, and need to be shut down and road-graded.

With a beefed-up codes department and strong enforcement of the city’s new rental registration ordinance, hopefully there will be more cleansing of troubled properties in the coming year. There has to be.

And people in communities surrounding Williamsport need to understand that the city’s problems are their problems, sooner or later. The same convenience market in Hughesville was targeted twice in a month. More of that may happen as drug dealers and users try to do business beyond the city.

When a city is faced with drug problems the magnitude of Williamsport’s, the only possible avenue to a solution is bold, direct action.

This won’t be easy.

But the impact of drug trafficking and the network of substandard nesting ground housing can be blunted.