Traffic flow start of city East End business potential

Is the East End of Williamsport the next commerce corridor locally?

We’re not sure about that, but we know the first rule of business location is checked off.

The area east of Market Street in the city carries some of the highest traffic volume in Lycoming County daily, with major access points on Washington Boulevard and Interstate 180.

Number of cars equals numbers of people equals customer potential.

But numbers alone do not guarantee business.

An area has to be easily accessible with tolerable traffic to be attractive to consumers, businesses and developers.

City Council and the administration of Mayor Gabriel J. Campana agreed during recently completed city budget talks to increase funding toward a traffic flow study in the high-traffic-volume areas of Williamsport’s East End.

That’s the correct first step.

Without a full sense of the traffic flow in that portion of the city, development mistakes and government missteps are almost guaranteed.

But there’s no question that portion of the city carries new business/office potential.