2014 can be brighter with an attitude change

We enter 2014 on this New Year’s day with the foundations of our lives teetering.

At home, we worry over health care and what it will look like in the year to come.

We worry about our long-term economic balance.

And our nation’s ability to remain secure.

There was a time when we can plan on those things as the rock-solid basis of our lives. Those times have clearly changed.

Today, we worry about leaders with no conscience having the ability to use nuclear weaponry. The Mideast feels like a smoky cauldron that could erupt with worldwide implications any day.

And at home, the sense that Americans can solve any problem is undercut by an ineffectual government, where political fingerpointing seems to be the chosen avenue over practical solutions.

If we had one wish for our nation in the coming year it would be that the elected leaders who make the decisions that impact our daily lives would relate better to what those daily lives are like. We negotiate our daily lives, making choices each day geared to surviving and thriving in the most practical ways.

Those we elect need to think like that rather than refining their rhetoric to best rationalize politically-minded decisions.

The nation has bills to pay, big ones. So do the families who make up this nation.

Our other wish is that your family find peace this day and reasons to hope for a brighter 2014.