President Obama’s State of the Union detached from reality

President Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday night was, in many ways, a compacted version of his five years in the Oval Office.

He continued to advance policies that are too far removed from the realities of most Americans, which is why his poll numbers are plummeting. And he continues to interpret opposition as something of a defect in others, promising to use his pen for executive orders that will force-feed his wants on everyone else, whether it makes sense or not.

Here’s the unvarnished truth.

Hiking minimum wages on federal projects to $10.10 an hour is a great soundbite for Obama that taxpayers get to pay for.

And when he says the private sector should follow suit “give everyone a raise” he shows that he has been in a publicly-financed cacoon his entire life.

That “raise” would result in more unemployment in the private sector.

In the 40th minute of his speech, the president spoke of fixing “a broken health system” with the Affordable Care Act. The system is in need of focused reforms; it was hardly broken until the president and his big-government technicians got their hands on it.

Certainly the six million people who have had policies discontinued since the start of Obamacare don’t believe the system they were under is broken.

Millions of other Americans gave up wrestling with the website, millions of young people aren’t signing up for healthcare they don’t think they need and millions more know they were lied to when the president told them they could keep their health care plan if they wanted to.

That’s why the president’s polling numbers are universally nosediving to Nixonian levels. And that’s why endangered Democratic senators and representatives up for election this fall are telling the president “no thanks” when he offers to appear at their campaign stops.

Sadly, the State of the Union speech left us with the impression that this president would rather force his own ideas on the country rather than do the obvious things that could improve the country.

Can you say Keystone Pipeline, an obvious job generator that creates energy independence and has already been approved by the House and Senate?

That’s where the president should be using his pen, not an agenda that his five-year track record that has proven to be unsuccessful and out of touch.