River walk getting the one thing it sorely needs – parking

In a relatively short period of time, the Susquehanna River Walk has become a staple attraction of our region. Many local residents have made walking, running or biking the paved path that encircles the Susquehanna River and joins Williamsport and South Williamsport part of their health and recreation routine.

The river walk has it all scenic views, a natural feel, bridges, trees, gentle slopes and even informative historical markers and pieces of art.

It’s only missing one thing: Parking.

Unless a person lives very close to the river walk, driving to the walk and find a parking place is problematic. The only real spot to park is a rough patch of ground next to railroad tracks off the Hepburn Street exit of the Beltway. It’s not a correct or sufficient parking area, but frankly, it’s about all that’s available.

Fortunately, the SEDA-Council of Governments Joint Rail Authority and the City of Wiliamsport announced last week plans to rectify the problem.

A two-lane addition will be added perpendicular to the railroad tracks, leading to a gravel parking lot of 90 spaces for river walk use, Lycoming County Transportation Planner Mark Murawski announced.

Flashing lights will be added to the railroad crossing for further safety, and a fence will be constructed been the tracks and the parking lot.

Bids for construction will go out in about a month, construction should begin in the spring and much of the lot will be completed by late summer. Which should make use of the river walk more convenient than ever in the year ahead.

This is an overdue no-brainer that we are glad is moving ahead.