Bowman Field roof repairs: The price of preserving history

The City of Williamsport has an historic jewel in Bowman Field.

The baseball stadium is home to the Williamsport Crosscutters minor league baseball team and hosts a variety of baseball and other events throughout the year.

But beyond being a sports facility, Bowman Field has something intangible history.

One of the oldest facilities of its kind, Bowman Field has a unique character that only history can bring. Just like the historic district stretching west from Williamsport’s downtown, Bowman Field has endearing qualities that make it worth preserving.

But that costs money. Last week the city administration determined that a large section of roof needs repaired before it collapses. Price tag: $140,000. City Council had previously authorized $500,000 in spending for the ballpark. But that didn’t include plans for roof repairs.

With this need and cost, the city’s plan for a common area for seating and standing and watching games along the right-field side of the ballpark estimated cost $350,000 is off the drawing board for now. Too bad. It was a good idea.

But safety and preservation are the first priorities when there is an historic facility to maintain.

And Bowman Field is worth it.