Community’s future quality may depend on task force success

The Heroin Task Force of Lycoming County has reached the strategy implementation phase of its existence.

The task force formed a few months ago and coordinated by Lycoming County President Judge Nancy Butts met recently and rolled out a strategy of polished public outreach to curb the heroin problem in our area.

Given the impact heroin is having locally, the future quality of our community may well depend on these strategies being effective.

In the months ahead, the task force will be attempting to reach virtually everyone living in this county through school-managed information, public awareness meetings, church bulletin stuffers, payroll inserts, public service announcements, helplines, calling cards and football games,

Somehow, some way, people of all walks of life in this county need to be reached.

Drug overdoses killed 18 people last year in Lycoming County and five already this year. Countless other people are caught in a tangled web of heroin use with lives headed on a predictable downward spiral out of control.

Their hopeless situation impacts the health system, a variety of crime situations and, of course, all of their family network.

Stopping this wave of destitute reality is not easy when the heroin habit is so accessible, given how cheap the drug is, how lethal it is and with prescription drugs often serving as a gateway,

If you think these public outreach attempts are not worth the effort, you may not be aware of how easily this problem can find its way to your family. If nothing else, consider the cold calculation of how much this drug problem is costing our community in dollars and infrastructure.

If you want to do something special, find a way to help the Lycoming County Heroin Task Force.