Taking more steps to bolster city’s east business district

There’s something to be said for meetings, even informal ones.

One of those sessions was held recently regarding development and a traffic study of the expanded Central Business District east of Market Street in Williamsport.

Those at the meeting talked of changing traffic patterns and adding family oriented events and parades to bolster the eastern business district profile.

The session was prompted by complaints from developer John J. Albarano about the pace and effort of the city administration toward the eastern business district.

Albarano went so far as to claim there seemed to be an invisible line dividing priorities east and west of Market Street.

At the more recent meeting, Mayor Gabriel J. Campana said many of Albarano’s complaints, expressed at a City Council meeting, held some merit.

He promised Christmas lights in the eastern business district this year. And the city is planning a traffic and development study for East Third and East Fourth streets and the side alleys and streets.

Don’t be surprised if traffic becomes two-way on East Third Street between Market and Mulberry streets, for instance.

While expanding parades and activities east of Market Streets is easier said than done, changing traffic patterns to better suit the eastern business district is worth a good look.

And there shouldn’t be very much doubt that there is untapped development potential for the city of Williamsport in the area east of Market Street.