With latest OK, it’s time to approve Keystone pipeline

Enduring a grueling five-year review process that we are certain President Obama’s pet energy initiatives don’t have to endure, the Keystone XL Pipeline put another notch on its approval belt recently.

The State Department reported no major environmental objections to the proposed $7 billion pipeline, a symbol of the political debate over climate change.

That’s probably because Canada, which is producing the oil that would produce 830,000 barrels a day, has substantial greenhouse gas regulations in place.

The knee-jerk opponents to the pipeline can’t get it through their heads that economic vitality and energy independence can be achieved in an atmosphere that also safeguards the environment. We suspect that another five-year review would not be good enough for them.

While the opponents are busy predicting civil disobedience and other methods to block the pipeline from operating in America, Canada has this incredible source of energy that will be shipped elsewhere if America doesn’t want it.

Then we will be hearing how we need more energy capability in America to free the United States from the military and political shackles of Middle Eastern oil.

There has been more than enough environmental safeguarding of this pipeline. President Obama needs to decide which he favors more, a tunnel-vision wing of his constituency or energy independence of the country he is entrusted to manage.