Don’t let unattained goal blunt success of United Way campaign

The Lycoming County United Way fundraising goal of $1.725 million was not reached this year.

United Way officials had set a daunting goal that turned out to be an unreachable one, given economic circumstances of county residents and the topsy-turfy business climate that is a reality today.

Still, more than $1.5 million was raised, a tribute to the big hearts of the people of Lycoming County.

While the more than two dozen program partners of United Way may see their allocations cut somewhat, none of the 38 programs are going to be eliminated from the allocations process, according to United Way officials.

And that’s good, because more than 25,000 county residents each year receive vital services through these programs, from emergency dental care to transportation to food banks to programs for literacy, the handicapped, the elderly and children.

The programs are indispensable and this fundraising effort is likewise. It might have fallen short of the numerical goal, but it was still a laudable achievement.

The allocations process, managed by a citizen panel, just got harder.

But the end product, no matter how it turns out, will benefit Lycoming County in countless ways every day in the coming year.