Innovation Center Susquehanna Health’s latest on-point project

It’s getting harder and harder to remember what the campus of Susquehanna Health used to look like.

The main building, emergency room and patient rooms have been overhauled and modernized and entrances, traffic patterns and parking facilities heavily altered.

And now there is a Health Innovation Center rising up in the southern end of Susquehanna Health’s complex.

The 87,000-square-foot building, to be completed in 2015, will have an outpatient pharmacy, heart and vascular testing, general surgery office and an education and family residency center.

The $25 million Innovation Center is being billed as a one-stop shopping experience for patients.

Beyond that, the center has two major strong points that fit health care in the 21st Century.

It helps meet the emphasis on out-patient care that is health care today.

And it will put the system in position to recruit the best medical professionals to provide the quality health care the area needs and deserves in the future.

The reality is that, without modern, top-quality facilities, Susquehanna Health would have a difficult time recruiting the medical professionals it needs.

In fact, without the radical modernization of the entire complex in the past 10 years it is hard for us to imagine Susquehanna Health being a viable force in the region’s health care world.