Memorial Pool gets needed jump-start donation; more needed

It’s a start.

But there’s a long way to go.

Friends of Memorial Pool committee recently showed up for a meeting with a $1,000 check for repairs to the deteriorating pool.

It will cost between $639,000 and $900,000 to get the pool back into shape and provide areas required for special needs patrons.

Of the total, City Council has asked that $50,000 be raised privately.

So the $1,000 is an appreciated first step, but the community has to get behind this effort if it is going to be successful.

And we want the effort to succeed.

Not every kid today has a pool in the backyard, and the recreation and socialization benefits of a public pool are a good thing, especially in an age when people are far too attached to their computers indoors.

But cities can’t afford the cost of the repairs and maintenance to public pools.

So it falls to the people who want the pools to be part of the funding support.

We wish the committee good luck. Those who believe in this effort need to step up and support it.