Long overdue records management system is online for city

Williamsport city police now have a computerized records management system.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal, does it?

But consider an officer investigating a shooting, a drug overdose or a criminal act being able to show a potential witness at the scene a photograph of possible suspects.

From the seat of his or her police cruiser.

In this age of technology, you would have thought police already had that sort of capability. They have, in fact, been operating in the field with one hand behind their collective back.

But no more.

The records-management system, which recently went into effect, allows instantaneous access to and sharing of crime-related information.

Things that used to take a week or more to accomplish can happen in hours or overnight. And, as pointed out above, the on-the-scene capabilities are an obvious asset in handling active crime situations.

The system will be used in coming months to map where crimes are taking place.

This is $360,000 of well-spent money for the City of Williamsport that will benefit not just the city police but all area police and the Lycoming County District Attorney’s office.