New Lycoming College leader puts priority on city relationship

Understated excellence and capable leadership have marked the history of Lycoming College, the liberal arts school in the city’s east end that has been pumping out productive college graduates for a couple centuries.

Since taking over the reins of the school last summer, Dr. Kent Trachte has shown every indication that the school’s traditional traits will be continued.

If Trachte’s recent inauguration is any indication, the new Lycoming president is hoping to add some new elements to the school’s long-held manner of operation.

We were struck in his speech how often he spoke of marrying the Lycoming College community to the community of Williamsport. In fact, since taking over as the school’s president, Trachte has been very active in bringing the community closer to the school.

Trachte said he hopes the legacy he leaves at Lycoming College will include inspiring the community.

That reaching out to the community can only help the school and is very necessary for the good of both the school and the city in the future.

From an educational standpoint, that tie-in should be boosted by Trachte’s announced plans to create an Enhancement Education Center and an Institution of Energy Studies to expand the learning experience of students in a way that fits the area’s present-day economic imperatives.

Lycoming College has been blessed by capable leadership, most recently from Dr. James Douthat.

Our initial impression is that Dr. Trachte is going to add an awful lot to the school’s portfolio, particularly in its relationship with the community.