Bases Loaded project gives city entrance that is one-of-a-kind

Every city would like to have something visual at its entrance that captures how the city is identified, but very few municipalities are able to establish that sort of dramatic signature.

Williamsport is about to join the select few cities that have a dramatic visual entrance that symbolizes its identity without any need to falsely enhance the story.

The intersection of Market and Third Streets – Market Square – is getting a Little League Baseball makeover just in time to commemorate the 75th year of the sport founded here at the World Series in August.

A project called Bases Loaded, the brainchild of the Lycoming County Visitor’s Bureau, will transform the intersection into a facsimile of a baseball infield. The crosswalks of the intersection will be refashioned as basepaths and there will be 10 statues at the “bases” representing different watershed moments of Little League Baseball history.

And there will be a bench with a statue of Carl Stotz, leaving the possibility of visitors sitting next to Stotz.

Imagine people driving over the Market Street Bridge to Williamsport and coming onto this scene, then driving through it.

It’s one of those ideas that, when it is born, everyone wonders humbly why we all didn’t think of it sooner.

But the timing is pretty good as Little League approaches the three-quarter-century mark.

We wish the organizers of the project good luck in tying up all the loose ends between now and August.

Market Square already was a welcoming front door to the city. It’s about to become a municipal welcome mat like none other in the whole nation.