Campaign for Stotz stamp makes all the sense in the world

In 1952, city resident Michael Marchese was delivering telegrams for Western Union when he met Carl Stotz.

At the time, Stotz was well into the formative of years of engineering this new sport called Little League Baseball.

We all know how most of the story unfolds. This year, Little League Baseball is marking 75 years of unbelievable growth that has made it a worldwide youth sports phenomena and given rise to a World Series each summer that is a distinguished part of Americana.

Turns out Mr. Stotz knew what he was doing and knew how to get it done.

Mr. Marchese would like to put a bow on the ribbon.

He is heavy into a letter-writing campaign with the goal of honoring Little League’s founder with a Postal Service stamp.

He hasn’t succeeded yet, but don’t sell him short.

Marchese was the creator and the driving force behind the creation of the Smokey Bear stamp. He had to overcome plenty of obstacles to finally get that done in 1984.

In his current campaign, he says he will write every Little League team in the nation to enlist their support if he has to.

This is a worthy project. Stotz is the founder of the largest organized youth sports program in the world. Everyone acknowledges him as the founder. It’s kind of a no-brainer in our view.

We wish Marchese good luck in this worthwhile task.

Wouldn’t the stamp be a nice 75th anniversary Little League gift?