Gridlock reduction goal of Hughesville traffic alternatives

The intersection of Route 220 and 405 in Hughesville has always been a busy place at certain times of the day.

And that was before the gas industry set up shop in the area several years ago.

Now, the intersection creates a 4 1/2-minute wait for motorists at peak hours of the day, according to state Department of Transportation officials.

A public meeting was held last week to discuss ways to relieve traffic congestion at the intersection. All of the four designs PennDOT is looking at will likely relieve some of the congestion.

But they also will impact businesses and residences in nearby areas as traffic signals, traffic islands and a different connector road adjoin the two routes.

It’s difficult to have the volume of traffic created by the gas industry in a borough the size of Hughesville without some impact. The object of the current information gathering is to reduce the gridlock without too much disruption to other businesses and residents and too much inconvenience to those working with the gas industry.

The gas industry has created an active development corridor in eastern Lycoming County. People need to understand that can’t happen without some impact on everyday routines.

Residents were aggressive with their input on traffic changes. And PennDOT has some alternatives in mind to reduce the gridlock. If everyone keeps doing their job, the end result will be some improvement in the coming months.