City gets hockey money; Hopefully, lessons were learned

Better late than never.

Better something than nothing.

It turns out the City of Williamsport is going to get paid back for $47,000 in unpaid utilities, rent and trash removal bills related to the short, chaotic stay at the outdoor ice rink at Bowman Field by the Williamsport Outlaws.

The Outlaws played at the rink at Bowman Field under Federal Hockey League rules from October 2012 to January 2013. This is June 2014.

The city filed a lawsuit May 30, 2013, to recover what it was owed and last week it got the answer it was seeking.

Lycoming County Judge Dudley N. Anderson ordered the Syracuse Junior Hockey Club to pay the city back $37,000 at $400 a month starting Sept. 1. That payment schedule continues for close to eight years. Additionally, $10,000 was repaid to the city last week.

We are glad for the end result, protracted and tedious as the repayment process may be.

We sincerely hope lessons were learned from this hockey experiment embarrassment.

The decision to have the minor league hockey franchise at an outdoor rink was made too hastily, without enough input from City Council and without reasoned debate about whether the city had the correct facilities to handle a team.

That is how potentially good ideas on paper turn into bad situations in reality.