Leadership Lycoming hopefully the nest for future problem solvers

The latest set of potential future leaders of this community graduated from the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce Leadership Lycoming program last week.

We need them to realize that potential if this community is to thrive in the future by overcoming its many challenges.

With that in mind, we were most impressed by the graduation speaker, James V. Brown Library Executive Director Barbara McGary.

She called on her classmates to understand and fulfill civic duties. During the course of a year’s visits to businesses, industries and groups, McGary found much to be inspired by and much that troubled her.

She was particularly impressed with the local heroin task force and institutions such as local law enforcement, judges, education groups, Little League Baseball, Hope Enterprises and the American Rescue Workers. And she was struck by the community’s philanthropic footprint.

But the problems of crime, overcrowded prisons and drugs also were evident.

And those problems are of such magnitude that everyone is needed, in our view. The seated leaders of today won’t be enough to overcome the scourges of crime and the heroin epidemic in our community.

New leaders need to be integrated with those confronting those problems. We hope some of those graduating from the Leadership Lycoming program last week are among them.

As McGary appropriately asked them, “What kind of story are you going to write for your community?”