Library reading program weapon to bolster literacy

The fight to increase literacy in Lycoming County is a never-ending one.

But it’s a fight that must be won. No white surrender flags are allowed.

The Lycoming County Library System has a literacy program geared toward increasing literacy in the county through its learning center.

One of the weapons is a summer reading program, which last year had 1,099 people spending a part of their summer reading, an important ingredient to stop the typical fall back in learning and literacy in the summer.

So far, there are 811 children and teenagers and 63 adults signed up for the program this summer. That’s a heck of a start, but funding for transportation and other needs is always needed to increase that number.

If you can read this, you need to know how serious the literacy problem is in Lycoming County.

We need a first-class library system to help solve that problem, buttressing the work that goes on in our schools. We have that first-class library system that most communities do not, but funding is needed to keep it that way.

Whether it’s a reading program or any number of other programs that keep the learning going throughout the year, the library needs your monetary support all the time.

Help them out.

Consider it an investment in the future health of our community which it is.

And it’s one of the wisest investments you can make with your philanthropic dollars.