Stopping heroin flow starts with cutting dealers from equation

A 26-year-old Roaring Branch man died in a Williamsport apartment March 21, apparently from a fatal dose of heroin.

That’s happened way too often in our region in recent years as the heroin rage sweeping the nation has found a nesting ground in northcentral Pennsylvania.

But too often the person selling the heroin goes unscathed. In this case, there were charges filed this past week against the alleged drug dealer from Ralston who sold the heroin,

Granted, they are just charges. But making the dealers pay is a big part of the fight to rid heroin from this region.

We have an excellent heroin task force that is a practical alliance of crime, education, health, religion, human services and court personnel as well as regular people from the community. The task force is attacking the heroin problem effectively.

However, the group’s ultimate goal can only be realized when the sources of the heroin traffic are shredded.