Transitional Living Center’s concept producing results

A woman is progressing toward the end of a prison sentence and has the attitude to turn her life around.

But she doesn’t know where to start. She needs to blend back into the traditional community.

That’s where the Transitional Living Center of Williamsport comes in. Operating since 1987, the center provides facilities for up to 20 women at a time when they are still serving a sentence but have earned a recommendation from their prison counselor and have been referred by the Bureau of Community Corrections.

The center, which celebrated its ongoing work at a luncheon last week, offers a variety of programs designed to get women back in the rhythm of working, managing money and parenting, in addition to classes on anger management, behavior modification and the impact of crime.

Does it work?

Well, the recidivism rate of women who have participated in the center is only 14 percent.

That is a recidivism rate that the corrections community would aspire to. It means that, instead of going back into the crime culture, these women are becoming viable additions to our community. And we suspect they become some of our best citizens. And at a time when our prisons are chronically overcrowded, it’s a recidivism rate we need.

Not every community has a Transitional Living Center. This one does.

We are fortunate to have people with the compassion and know-how to make this organization work for the betterment of our community.