Congress should rein in the EPA on multiple fronts

Most Americans probably believe the main threat they face from the Environmental Protection Agency is higher electric bills and devastation to the economies of coal-mining states. That is incorrect.

Many individuals and families have run afoul of the EPA for infractions such as planning to build homes in the wrong places.

The agency recently threatened to fine a Wyoming man $187,500 a day for building a pond on his own property.

If agency officials have their way, they will be able to garnish paychecks to collect such fines. That is, employers will be forced to withhold money from paychecks to satisfy the EPA.

The idea upsets some members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans.

They see it as another example of government running amok.

They are correct. Congress should do more than stop the EPA from proceeding with the plan. It should rein in the agency on several fronts, starting with the war on coal.