Hopefully, sale of The Center starts needed renaissance

The Center, going back generations when it had different names, has always been a positive meeting place for a variety of community activities, all of them geared to creating positive growth in people.

The building on Campbell Street recently was sold by the Lycoming County Housing Authority to Firetree Ltd., a Williamsport-based company offering detox, inpatient drug and alcohol treatment and community re-entry centers.

The company made an offer of $250,000 to buy the property.

There are no plans to modify The Center’s facilities to offer the drug treatment services and the terms of the sale require that the property remain a community-oriented facility.

And if the outcome of the sale is a return to the vibrant community facility The Center used to be, that would be a successful result in our view.

Firetree hopes to offer community-centered programs ranging from youth basketball to after-school programs, adult learning seminars and fitness classes.

The building will rent out community rooms for meetings and banquets and sponsor various community festivals and events.

If the new version of The Center can become all of those things, it will be a major step forward for the city, its youths and residents of that neighborhood.