On this day, resolve to preserve our exceptional way

On this day, when we celebrate our country’s independence, there is an easy way to rationalize why July 4th is celebration worthy in these United States of America.

Look around.

The Mideast is boiling over in chaos, torn between rebels and weak governments, terrorists and religious sects, seemingly incapable of stability.

Underneath that visible layer of chaos are millions of people who, we suspect, are yearning to make choices, experience freedoms and live lives of peace all the daily trappings we take for granted.

Our borders seem to be under siege, with thousands of children and families walking through them daily in search of a better life, even as they conduct that search illegally and without any formal process.

We, this nation of immigrants, struggle with how to correctly engineer immigration for others. But underneath the political turmoil is a truism people attempt to get into this country any way they can because they know it is the avenue to a better life.

We take that better life and all the freedoms that come with it as a given every day.

We forget the sacrifices of blood and life in the name of these principles that created and still maintains the American way.

On this day, we need to remember some of that and acknowledge the flaws in our system that jeopardize it.

We have an Internal Revenue Service that clearly has used its power to inject itself into politics, punishing those at odds with the current power base.

We have a Veterans Administration that clearly is systematically shortchanging veterans who have defended this country and its freedoms.

These are not political issues. They are actions that don’t represent the way democracy in this country is supposed to work.

On this day, know that the preservation of freedom and our system of government demands vigilance by all Americans that goes beyond political points.

Because what we have is much greater than politics and must be preserved.